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Monday, October 24th, 2011 12:26 am
12. A player that you aren’t a fan of but you respect

Andy Roddick

13. Favourite Grand Slam tournament

Roland Garros (French Open)

1. Favourite men’s player
2. Favourite women’s player
3. Favourite doubles team
4. Least favourite men’s player
5. Least favourite women’s player
6. Your most memorable match
7. First player you became a fan of
8. Earliest tennis memory
9. Favourite retired men’s player
10. Favourite retired women’s player
11. A player that no one would expect you to love
12. A player that you aren’t a fan of but you respect
13. Favourite Grand Slam tournament
14. Favourite Non Grand Slam tournament
15. Most attractive women’s player
16. Most attractive men’s player
17. Favourite women’s tennis outfit
18. Favourite men’s tennis outfit
19. Which men’s and women’s player was world no. 1 on the day you were born
20. Favourite men’s slam champion
21. Favourite women’s slam champion
22. Favourite umpire
23. Favourite mixed doubles team
24. Favourite tennis couple
25. Favourite tennis wag
26. A match that makes you happy
27. A match that makes you sad
28. The Grand Slam you would most like to go to
29. What’s your favourite tennis surface
30. Post your fave tennis related gif or picture


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