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May 27th, 2011

prudens_mcgonagall: (lovestory without shagging)
Friday, May 27th, 2011 10:20 pm
 My best friend is now happily married emboding my dream of finaly having somebody to trust her to :-) I really like her husband and the feelings are mutual.

Speaking about my love life we had a serious talk with Stan (although it was more him talking and me being in a bit of a stupor after all the champagne I'd drunk during the wedding) about our relationship. We decided to stick with friends without benefits *gg* Gosh, it's such a relief! I was going a bit crazy thinking about ways to end our relationship somehow or direct it towards just simple friendship. Turns out Stan was on the same path )) In fact it's a natural progression of things - we were always more friends than anything other. And now I even like Stan way better ))))
By the way his sister is finishing high school, so he's gone to his hometown which once again leaves me with his tutoring and the flowers I've planted at his apartment which need watering. Yeah, I'm great at being friends ;-) (I've always known that I'm way better at friendship than at any other kind of relationships) Stan was right saying "It's difficult to be anything other than friends with you, because for you friends are always coming first"